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Location Accuracy depends on various factors such as connectivity, data availability, smartphone settings, and even nearby environment. To improve location accuracy, first of all, make sure that GPS and Data connectivity of all the Smartphones. Then check the data speed, If possible make sure to enable Wifi too. You can also consider doing changes in the settings so follow the following suggestions to improve the location accuracy.

For Android Smartphone :

  • Turn on 'Background data' and also enable 'Unrestricted data usage".
  • Turn on ‘Location permission” for the app under Settings > Apps > Permissions.
  • Make sure to allow notification of the app, so you will receive all the alerts and other notifications from the app.
  • In an Older version of Android enable “Keep Wifi On while sleeping” which will ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

For Android Smartphone :

  • In Apple Devices Location Setting needs to be set to 'Always'.
  • Turn off the “Low Power Mode” as it will prevent the app to run in the background.
  • Enable the “Background App Refresh”.
  • Turn On the “Motion and Fitness”

Make sure to implant all suggestions, that will not only improve the location accuracy but also keep your device connected.

Our App can run on Android And iOS devices. To run our App you need an Android Smartphone having Android 6 and up whereas in the case of Apple devices, your smartphone needs to have Apple iOS 11 and up. However, Our Titan Family Security App has its own set of requirements which are as follows :

  • Your Device needs to have a proper network and data connection.
  • The Device must have GPS, accelerometer, gravity sensor, and gyroscope.
  • Your device needs to have enough Storage space to Install and run the app.
  • In an Older version of Android enable “Keep Wifi On while sleeping” which will ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Make sure that your device fulfills all the requirements, One thing I want to mention that iPads, tablets, smartwatches, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c are not compatible with Drive Detection.

There is nothing to worry about if you changed the phone. Just Log out from your old phone and then login back from your new phone. Steps are in details below :

  • If Possible Logout from the old phone.
  • Install the app on your new phone.
  • Login with the same details. If you haven’t logged out from your old phone then make sure to change the password.
  • Allow all the permission and that’s it.

The location tracking feature shows the live location or location history of the connected members. This feature needs a stable connection and maximum location accuracy on the smartphone. The app detects and transmits the live location of the member with some time gap around a few seconds. So the location tracking is a great feature to get accurate location and direction of movement.

You can connect Customer care from the App itself. Just navigate to Settings and find the” Contact Us” button, tap on it, and then choose the available option there. By the way, contact details are also available on the website so feel free to contact us.

Of Course, people love privacy, if you are concerned about your live location sharing then you can either disable GPS or disconnect data connectivity. It is the simplest way to stop sharing the location.

If you use GPS in other apps but don’t want to share location via Titan Family security then you can simply deny Location access permission in-app settings.

No, Our Customer’ privacy is our priority. If you haven't accepted an invitation or someone not added you then it is impossible to locate you. Your location will only be shared with the person you allowed via the app or accepted the invitation link.

If someone in your circle stopped sharing their location, then you will be notified by a message “Location Paused” under their name.

The location tracked by the app depends on the GPS and data connectivity of the device. If you are connected to a nearby WiFi then WiFi’s location will be fetched. Similarly When your device lost data connectivity then it can’t transmit current location thus the last fetched data will be shown. So check your device setting to short-out this issue.

To remove a member and stop tracking them follow the steps given below :

  • Login to the dashboard.
  • Go to Active users.
  • Find the member Name, Once you check the details again.
  • Click on the Active button.
  • Now a message will pop-up i.e Are you sure de-active this user ?
  • Now Click on OK.

Here are some of the common steps which can solve around 90% of the issues. If you are facing some issues with the app or with the data make sure to check and follow all.

  • Make sure your smartphone is charged, at low battery the OS stops some of the functions.
  • Make sure to turn airplane mode off.
  • Check the given permission and allowance of Notification for the app.
  • Location Sharing has been turned off in the app itself.
  • Data is not set to limit, hasn’t run out.
  • The user is not logged in with multiple devices.
  • Check Cellular or WiFi Connectivity.

Smartphone and functions run on battery, Our app also required data transmission and other background processes. So of-course it needs some battery but Our app is developed with a low battery consumption moto, it is not very heavy on battery. Most users should expect on average 10% shorter battery life in 24 hours when running this app. But there is no side effect on the battery by using this app.

Yes, it is, We use Bank-level SSL, encryption, and various security protocols. Additionally, the app is malware-free, virus-free, certified and approved by the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. So you can opt-in without worrying about your information security and privacy.

Location Feature can provide you exact Latitude, Longitude, and address of your smartphone, so a big “Yes”, It can track the location of your smartphone. Keep in mind the missing phone must have our app installed, enabled data connection and logged in for tracking its location.


Available on IOS and Android